Leg Exercises

The Ultimate Leg-Training Workout

Upgrade your wheels with this multifaceted lower-body onslaught

The Ultimate Leg-Training Workout

Day 2, Exercise 2

Lying Leg Curl to Hyperextension

Sets: 4–5, Reps: 8–15

START: If it’s available, choose a leg-curl machine with an angled (not flat) bench. Lie facedown, position the backs of your ankles against the pad with your legs extended and make sure your knees are off the edge of the bench.

EXECUTION: Contract your hamstrings to bend your knees and pull your heels toward your glutes. At the top of the rep, contract your lower back muscles to perform a hyperextension (the range of motion will be very small). Lower your torso to the pad, then return to the start.

GUNNAR’S TIP: “Rise slowly on the hyperextension and go for the contraction. This is one you really want to feel; you don’t want to just knock them out.”

Lying Leg Curl to Hyperextension