Shoulder Exercises

The 3-move Circuit to Develop Boulder Shoulders

This circuit will have you in and out of the gym in a flash without leaving your delts wanting more.

The 3-Move Circuit to Develop Boulder Shoulders
Edgar Artiga
Edgar Artiga
Duration 30
Exercises 3
Equipment Yes

Whether you’re strutting down the beach in a tank or throwing on a sport coat for date night, broad shoulders show through.

And they scream: “I lift!” So if you’re looking a little narrow, there’s good news: Building bigger shoulders isn’t hard, it just takes a good plan and a lot of effort. Because they’re a small muscle, the delts don’t require a laundry list of exercises—you just need to hit the front, lateral, and rear parts to ensure complete development.

And this six-minute workout does just that by taking you through a circuit of standard exercises like dumbbell presses, lateral raises, and face-pulls. If you feel like increasing the time, simply add a round, or two, or three. Just be ready: You might have to buy a bigger sport coat.

3D Shoulders

Exercise 1A.

Standing Dumbbell Military Press You'll need: Dumbbells How to
Standing Dumbbell Military Press thumbnail
3 sets
12, 12, 10 reps
-- rest
For the first two sets, use roughly 70% of your estimated one-rep max. Then use 75% on your last set,

Exercise 1B.

Lateral Raise
exercise image placeholder
3 sets
12 reps
-- rest

Exercise 1C.

TRX Face Pull You'll need: TRX How to
TRX Face Pull thumbnail
3 sets
12 reps
90 sec. rest