Shoulder Exercises

5 Routes to Better Delts

Try these five mini-routines to take your delts into another dimension.


While you can find plenty of ways to attack your delts in each issue of M&F, we've dropped five of our fave techniques - and the mini-programs to go with 'em - here for you to try. While we recommend using a complete program as the backbone of your training efforts, it never hurts to try some of these grab-bag programs to see what works best for you.


Benefit: Training with lighter weight in higher-than-normal rep-ranges exhausts your slow-twitch fibers through the first half of the set. In the later stage of the set, your fast-twitch muscle fibers come into play to pick up the slack, leaving you with a pervasive muscle pump and a surge in growth hormone.How To: Pick a weight that you can handle for around 70 reps. Once you hit initial failure, rest for as many seconds as remaining reps. For example, if you fail at 70 reps, rest 30 seconds then continue. Repeat as many times as necessary to reach 100. For an extra burn, hold the 100th rep for up to 10 seconds.

Sample workout:
Exercise				Sets/Reps
Overhead press			        5/6-8
Wide-grip upright row		        5/12-15
Supported dumbbell rear-delt raise	1/100
Dumbbell lateral raise			1/100
Dumbbell front raise			1/100

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