Shoulder Exercises

Go Wide for Super-sized Shoulders

Try these exercises to target the lateral delts for big, well-rounded shoulders.


When fully developed, there are few things more impressive on the bodybuilder’s physique than big, well-rounded delts. Many trainees own a pair of big arms, or have nice, thick chests, but it's much more rare to see a couple of “cannonballs” hanging off the clavicles.

One of the coolest aspects of developing exceptional lateral delts is the effect it will have on the overall look of one’s physique. The wider the shoulders are, the narrower the waist will appear. This helps to create the much-sought-after “X”-frame.

The 3-Headed Muscle

Being that the deltoid is a three-headed muscle, it is important to work each of these heads equally in order to bring about proportional and complete development. It should be noted that the rear (posterior) head gets plenty of stimulation from the rowing movements that are performed on back day, and that the front (anterior) head is hit hard any time you rep out on a press or flye for chest. All of the extra work that these two deltoid heads receive can often lead to the side (lateral) head falling behind.

So, if you have tried your share of standard side lateral raises and find that you're still fitting through most doorways far too easily, give the following exercises a try.