Shoulder Exercises

Shock Your Shoulders for More Muscle Growth

Build bigger delts and a wider torso with this rest-pause centric workout

Shock Your Shoulders for More Muscle Growth

Coaching Cues

Seated Dumbbell Overhead Press

Perform the press through a full range of motion.

If the seated position puts a strain on your lower back, spread your feet out wider and place them slightly farther away from the bench.

Drive your feet downward to anchor yourself into the ground and create full body tension.

Utilize a partner or stopwatch to keep you accountable to the short rest periods.

Focus on keeping good form and stop one rep short of a 'grinder' rep.

Snatch (Wide) Grip Barbell Shrugs

Move your hands outward on the bar until your index finger is on the outer ring.

You will need to use lifting straps because your grip will be limited in this position.

Focus on a full range of motion and try to touch your shoulders to your ears in a straight-line bar path.

Try not to throw the weight; instead, pull it with constant tension.

Moving your hands out will take your shrugs to the next level and increase the intensity of the movement 10-fold.

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