Shoulder Exercises

Shock Your Shoulders for More Muscle Growth

Build bigger delts and a wider torso with this rest-pause centric workout

Shock Your Shoulders for More Muscle Growth

Rear Delt Flye (Prone on Incline Bench)

Lay facedown on an incline bench with a dumbbell in each hand and pull the weight until your arms are in line with your upper back.

The prone position will limit the potential for “swinging” the weight.

Focus on controlling the movement in both directions.

Your elbows should be slightly bent, but if you want to make the exercise harder, keep your arms completely straight.

Face Pulls with External Rotation

This exercise will activate and strengthen the muscles in the upper back responsible for posture and optimal shoulder health.

Grab each end of a rope attachment that’s connected to the top pulley of a cable stack machine with an underhand grip.

Pull the rope to your neck, and as you get close, externally rotate your hands into a “field goal” position.

Hold for a one-second count before reversing the movement back to the starting position.

Check out this video demonstration of face pulls

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