Shoulder Exercises

Workout Finisher: Build Bigger Shoulders

Add this finisher to your upper body routine to build dominating bear traps.

Jeremey Duvall thumbnail by MS, CPT
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Building Hulk-like shoulders can add a finishing touch to an already impressive physique. Adding size to the shoulder joint adds width to a lifter’s frame and boosts strength for other exercises as well. When the shoulders are strong and properly balanced, they provide a strong foundation for other muscle-building staples like the bench press.

While building muscular shoulders is attractive to many guys, it can also be dangerous. Due to the freedom of movement, the shoulder joint also has a high potential for injury when exercises are performed incorrectly. For instance, the upright row, a favorite for building the upper trapezius muscles, internally rotates the upper arm before elevating it up into the shoulder joint. Lifters with a history of shoulder pain may develop a lingering soreness or ache from repetitive shoulder training. For that reason, lifters should select appropriate exercises and prioritize prehab exercises to maintain a healthy joint.

Add the following finisher to the end of your workout for a complete shoulder workout. Always finish your workout with some foam rolling and soft tissue work with either a foam roller or tennis ball to help increase blood flow and break up knots in muscle and connective tissue.

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