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Edgar Artiga / M+F Magazine
Edgar Artiga / M+F Magazine

Grind through Part 1 of the Rock Hard Challenge and you’ll be halfway to your best physique ever.

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This five-day-per-week, volume-heavy plan was designed by Kevin Lilly, a strength and conditioning coach and owner of Heart & Hustle Gym in Los Angeles, and it’s meant to test your resolve and push you to your limits.

The theme: Old school meets new school. You’ll see plenty of the classic muscle-building moves that you’re used to, like leg presses and biceps curls. Nothing fancy there. But to speed up the fat-burning process, Lilly ditched the standard straight-set approach for a series of high-rep circuits.

Also, you’ll end each workout with a varied finisher to jack up your metabolism even more.

As for the rest days, feel free to play some sports or go for a hike, but stay out of the gym. give your body time to recover so you can hit it hard the next day.

  • The following program shows a sample week of training. simply repeat this template for four weeks. Feel free to substitute comparable movements for those listed, as desired.
  • To progress during the program, you have the option to increase the number of rounds per circuit from three up to either four or five by the end of the program. Likewise, if you’re deconditioned and want to ease into the program, start with two rounds of every circuit and progress to three rounds when you feel ready to do so.
  • In all the workouts, exercises that share the same letter designation (A, B, or C) are to be performed together as a circuit. Do one set of each exercise in the order listed without rest. Take a short break after the last exercise if needed, and repeat until all sets are complete. Following the main portion of each workout is a brief yet intense conditioning finisher.
  • Begin each of the five workouts with a warmup consisting of 10 minutes of the cardio activity of your choice at a heart rate of around 130 to 140 beats per minute.

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Rock Hard Challenge Workout: Part 1