Workout Routines

3 Ways to Boost Your Bulking Phase Before You Cut

Gain some hard-earned mass with time to spare with these methods.

Does your workout last more than hour? If so, it could be detrimental as you try to build muscle and gain mass. You want to hit your muscles hard while keeping a high intensity in order to stimulate growth. This can be done by keeping these three elements in mind. 



At the start of your workout your testosterone levels will naturally be high, but Eastern Bloc researchers have found that these levels diminished considerably after 45 minutes. After 60 minutes, your body will naturally start to produce cortisol for energy, which basically eats away at muscle tissue.



Using a resistance level of approximately 85 percent of your 1RM will help increase testosterone levels. Look to hit 10 reps with a 60-second rest between sets. This amount of rest will allow enough recovery and growth.


dumbbell bench press for chest

The more vigorous and intense your routine is, the more calories you will burn. This is true even if you increase intensity for just a few minutes at a time. The sample workout below should last no more than 60 minutes.

Sample Workout Chest Day

Exercise 1

Incline Smith Machine Bench Press You'll need: Smith Machine How to
Incline Smith Machine Bench Press thumbnail
3 sets
15 reps
60 sec rest
Warm up with two sets of 15 reps.

Exercise 2

Dumbbell Bench Press You'll need: Bench, Dumbbells How to
Dumbbell Bench Press thumbnail
3 sets
8-10 reps
60 sec rest

Exercise 3

Dumbbell Flye You'll need: Bench, Dumbbells How to
Dumbbell Flye thumbnail
3 sets
10 reps
-- rest
Warm up with one set of 15 reps.