Workout Routines

Add Slabs of Lean Muscle with this Fat-Blast Circuit

Keep burning the fat long after you wrap up this high-octane workout.

Kettlebell Swing
Duration 30 Min
Exercises 6
Equipment Yes

For most people, adding muscle while losing fat is the fitness holy grail. It’s tough finding a workout routine that’ll fulfill both needs. Circuit training is often an ideal weapon in achieving this goal because it allows you to build muscle while stressing your cardiovascular system, which causes fat loss.  This circuit is designed to make you stronger, elevate your heart rate, and initiate the EPOC effects (excess post-exercise oxygen consumption), which ensures that you burn fat long after the workout finishes. 

This fat-blast circuit uses compound exercises that incorporate major muscle groups throughout your body. It works simultaneously as a muscle-builder and fat-blaster by combining muscle-building strength movements followed by high intensity exercises that keep your heart rate elevated. For optimal results perform this workout 2-3 times a week, for 3 sets with one-minute rest in between sets. 

The Workout

Exercise 1A

Thrusters You'll need: Dumbbells How to
Thrusters thumbnail
-- sets
8 reps
-- rest
A barbell, pair of dumbbells, or pair of kettlebells may be used for this exercise. The weight should be challenging but something you manage with proper form

Exercise 1B

Jump Rope You'll need: Jump Rope How to
Jump Rope thumbnail
-- sets
30-seconds reps
10 sec rest
Aim for a minimum pace of about 35 rope rotations.

Exercise 2A

Kettlebell Swing You'll need: Kettlebells How to
Kettlebell Swing thumbnail
-- sets
10 reps
-- rest
A weight plate or dumbbell held vertically are also acceptable substitutions. For most men 25lbs is a good starting weight and for most women 15lbs.

Exercise 2B

General Pushup You'll need: No Equipment How to
Pushup thumbnail
-- sets
AMRAP reps
10 sec rest

Exercise 3A

General Pullup You'll need: Pullup Bar How to
Pullup thumbnail
-- sets
8 reps
-- rest

Exercise 3B

Bicycle Crunch You'll need: No Equipment How to
Bicycle Crunch thumbnail
-- sets
30 reps
-- rest
Rest one minute before starting circuit over again.