Workout Routines

Chest Blaster for Maximum Muscle Gain

Hit your pecs from all angles for greater size, strength and definition with this pec-pounding workout.

cable flye chest exercise
Duration 45 min
Exercises 7
Equipment Yes

This chest workout is multi-faceted to maximize conditioning, strength and size gains. It combines movements to target the pecs from all angles, working varied rep ranges to develop power and endurance.

During this workout you will target the upper pecs, as well as the middle, lower, inner, and outer pec fibers for an all-around chest blast. I personally love this workout for its combination of all aspects to give me width, depth, strength, endurance, and power all in one! Give it a try and see how it works for you.

The Workout

Exercise 1

General Pushup You'll need: No Equipment How to
Pushup thumbnail
3 sets
25 reps
-- rest
Use wide, regular and narrow width

Exercise 2

Barbell Bench Press You'll need: Barbell, Bench How to
Barbell Bench Press thumbnail
5 sets
-- reps
2 min rest
1st set warmup 10 reps 135. 2nd set warmup 10 reps 225. Go up 10-20 lbs perform 3 reps. Drop after last set to 225 and rep out to fatigue. Drop to 135 and rep to fatigue

Exercise 3

Weighted Dip You'll need: Ankle Weights, Dip Station How to
Weighted Dip thumbnail
3 sets
to fatigue reps
-- rest
Use a 45 lb. plate

Exercise 4

Hammer Strength Incline Press How to
Hammer Strength Barbell Curl thumbnail
3 sets
12 reps
-- rest
Alternate arms. Do 12 on each side.

Exercise 5

Cable Flye
Cable Flye thumbnail
4 sets
15 reps
-- rest
Perform as decline flyes

Exercise 6

Diamond Pushup You'll need: No Equipment How to
Diamond Pushup thumbnail
3 sets
to fatigue reps
-- rest

Exercise 7

General Plank You'll need: No Equipment How to
General Plank thumbnail
1 sets
-- reps
-- rest
Hold plank for 1 minute