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The Ball & Box Workout for Serious Power

Slam and jump your way to sharp abs while building serious power.

Ball Slam + Box Jump
Per Bernal
Per Bernal
Duration 30 min
Exercises 2
Equipment Yes

When to use it

This is more of a cardio and abs workout, so tack it on at the end of any strength training or hypertrophy workout. If you performed a high-intensity routine, you’ll probably be too tired to perform this right.

Why do it

Slamming a ball from overhead taxes your core as you extend and contract your entire body to slam the ball downward as hard as you can. It also engages muscles in your upper and lower body, like your hamstrings, shoulders, triceps, and glutes. The best part? In addition to becoming a more ripped and explosive human, you’ll relieve some serious stress.

Get it done

Perform one slam, then immediately perform 10 box jumps. Be sure to land softly, heels first, and to step down off it. Then perform two slams and nine jumps. Continue adding one slam and removing one jump until you reach 10 slams and one jump. Perform two rounds with a three-minute break between rounds.

Trainer Tip: Take your time to set up for the next rep so that when you explode, it’s a quality effort. Quality over quantity.

Ball + Box Combo

Exercise 1

Ball Slam How to
Ball Slam  thumbnail
10 sets
1-10 reps
-- rest

Exercise 2

Box Jump You'll need: Box How to
Box Jump thumbnail
10 sets
10-1 reps
-- rest