Workout Routines

Explosive, Closed and Open-Chain Workouts for Mass Gain

Get a multi-dimentional mass-building workout with the revolutionary ECO training system.

Closed-Chain Exercises

Closed-chain exercises are ideal for building strength, because you move your bodyweight plus the additional weight. They also improve functional strength, as they require balance and the use of stabilizers to control your body. Most chest and shoulder closed-chain exercises aren'’t practical for developing strength, so these routines substitute the incline barbell press and barbell overhead press. These movements are similar to closed-chain exercises because the hands are locked in place on the bar. Go heavy on these -- you shouldn'’t be able to perform more than 6-8 reps per set. Rest 2-–3 minutes between sets.

Open-Chain Exercises

Open-chain movements (flyes, curls, extensions, etc.) in the ECO program will be used as isolation exercises to focus on the target muscle -- without having to worry about moving your own bodyweight -- for better muscle growth. Because hypertrophy is the objective here, keep reps at 10-–12 and decrease rest periods to 1-2 minutes between sets. And keep in mind, the routines listed throughout the article are merely samples; feel free to substitute your favorite movements into the program, especially in the open-chain category, which includes by far the widest selection of exercises. This may mean performing barbell curls instead of incline curls, pec deck instead of dumbbell flyes or cable lateral raises instead of dumbbell laterals. By all means, do your own thing.

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