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Fighting Fit Workout

After childhood tragedies, drug troubles, and prison stints, boxing saved the life of current New York State Champion and WBC Latino Champion Frank Galarza.

Heavy Bag, Kickboxing, Cardio Blast
Duration 1 Day
Exercises 6
Equipment Yes

Frank Galarza is no stranger to adversity. At age 7, his father, a highly acclaimed boxer, died of complications from a drug-related gunshot wound; two years later, a fatal drug overdose claimed his mother. As a young adult, Galarza did prison stints for robbery and drugs. His brother was killed while being robbed, and Galarza himself was held up at gunpoint.

Something had to be done. “I couldn’t put my aunt and uncle through much more,” says Galarza. “I needed to change.” Inspired by his late father’s example, Galarza began to box.

Pro boxer frank Galarza
Today the “Brooklyn Rocky” usually trains six days a week, with morning workouts at the gym and evening training in the ring. He hopes to create his own legacy by literally punching his way to junior middleweight greatness.

“My main goal is to win a world title,” Galarza says. “I’m going to prove I have heart and that anything is possible.”

Hitting Home

Galarza founded the nonprofit Youth Fighting Forward, which provides educational services and physical exercise to young people affected by violence.

Fighting Fit Routine

Galarza does this workout, designed by New York Health & Racquet Club trainer Cheyne Zeller, to prep for a fight. Do eight sets of Exercise 1, then five circuits of 2A–2E; rest 30 seconds between circuits.

The Workout

Exercise 1

High Box Jump You'll need: Box How to
High Box Jump thumbnail
8 sets
2 reps
-- rest

Exercise 2A

Alternate Lunge Clean with KBs
exercise image placeholder
-- sets
5* reps
-- rest
*Each side. Clean two kettlebells to the rack position, landing in a lunge.

Exercise 2B

Rope Slam How to
Rope Slam thumbnail
-- sets
1 min reps
-- rest

Exercise 2C

Ice Skaters with KB
exercise image placeholder
-- sets
30 sec reps
-- rest
Stand holding one KB at your chest. Jump laterally, land on one foot, then immediately jump to the opposite side.

Exercise 2D

Medicine Ball Slam You'll need: Medicine Ball How to
Medicine Ball Slam thumbnail
-- sets
30 sec reps
-- rest

Exercise 2E

Shadowbox How to
Shadow Box  thumbnail
-- sets
30 sec reps
-- rest