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Rate My Workout: Grow Massive Calves With Two Moves

One reader sent us his calf workout to review. Here's how we fixed it.

Duration 6 min
Exercises 2
Equipment Yes

Thornton's Old Workout

---Thornton M., Edison, NJ

Exercise                           Sets    Reps

Standing Calf Raise          3         10

Seated Calf Raise             3          10

Single-leg Calf Raise       3          15

The Fix

Work your calves with higher reps and superset them with toe raises. Just as with triceps and biceps, training both sides of the lower leg with no rest in between will drive more blood into your calves, leading to more growth. When you see how tough and exhausting this workout is, you'll know you don't need any more work. 

New Calf Workout

Exercise 1

Standing Calf Raise You'll need: Box How to
Standing Calf Raise thumbnail
3 sets
30 reps
-- rest
Alternate foot position for balanced development. Do one set each with toes pointed in, out, and straight.

Exercise 2

Toe Raise
exercise image placeholder
3 sets
30 reps
-- rest
Stand on the floor and simply raise the front of your feet off the floor, balancing on your heels.