Workout Routines

Real Man's Cardio Workout

Train like a truck-pulling, barrel-chested strength athlete... and get conditioned and ripped while you're at it.


4 Tips to Fast-tracking Your Fitness Gains

Hill Running

Running uphill causes powerful contractions in your leg muscles as they work hard against the force of gravity. It was a discipline much favored in former times by bodybuilders, and today many sportsmen do variations, like running the bleachers, to maintain stamina and strength."Running up a relatively steep hill will give you one hell of a tough workout," Sandler remarks.


Choose a hill that isn't too long or steep, otherwise you'll end up walking it. It should have about a 5% grade (preferably without much traffic) that you can run to the top of in about 30 seconds. If you can't find a good hill in your area, substitute bleachers or stairs at a local stadium, but take them slowly at first for safety.
If neither stairs nor bleachers are available, substitute sprinting on level surfaces -- run fast for one minute, then go easy for a minute and repeat.


Keep your posture upright and maintain an even pace throughout each interval.

The Workout

After a 5-10-minute warm-up, sprint up the hill 4-6 times, actively resting about 60 seconds between runs (walk or jog back down the hill). Gradually work up to a total uphill running time of 6-10 minutes, which equals around 12-20 reps.

Calories Burned