Workout Routines

Real Man's Cardio Workout

Train like a truck-pulling, barrel-chested strength athlete... and get conditioned and ripped while you're at it.


Sandbag Running

Sandbag running is to normal jogging what chili peppers are to Saltines. The idea is simple: Place a filled sandbag in a knapsack or backpack and run. Using the knapsack eliminates the problem of losing your grip on the bag, which would short-circuit the cardio component of the workout. "People start to lose their grip before they lose strength in most other areas, and then they end up just dropping it," Sandler comments.


Start with a 20-pound sandbag and progress from there. If the workout is too easy or hard, just add or subtract sand to adjust the intensity. You can purchase a cloth or plastic sandbag at a hardware or home-improvement store.


Maintain a tight core by pulling your abs in tight. Lean forward slightly to counterbalance the weight. "You still want to keep your chest and head up, similar to the technique used with a squat," Sandler says. Use a stride and arm swing comparable to your regular running form.

The Workout

Carrying the sandbag throughout, warm up for five minutes, progressing from a walk to an easy jog. Next, alternate 30 seconds of faster running with 30 seconds of a slow jog or walk. Do this for a total of 12 minutes, then do a cool-down walk for three minutes.

Calories Burned