Workout Routines

Real Man's Cardio Workout

Train like a truck-pulling, barrel-chested strength athlete... and get conditioned and ripped while you're at it.


Farmer's Walk

This staple of strongman competitions will target your trapezius strength while simultaneously taxing your aerobic system. It simply involves walking while holding weights (in our case, dumbbells) in each hand.


For a walking area, a football field works well; a field with a slight incline makes this exercise more challenging. Most people tend to lose their grip because the forearm muscles fatigue sooner than the rest of the body, "so you'll probably want to wear a pair of wrist straps to help maintain the grip," recommends Sandler. "If you don't have dumbbells, you can use pails filled with water, sand or both." A 5-gallon pail filled with water weighs about 40 pounds.


Hold a pair of moderate dumbbells (40-50 pounds) at thigh level with your core tight, and find your balance before starting to walk. Try to maintain an upright position, but realize you'll naturally round your upper back slightly. "Don't do this exercise if you have a bad back," Sandler advises. "Then again, you shouldn't do any of these strongman exercises if you have chronic back problems."

The Workout

Warm up by walking without weights for five minutes, then walk with the weights in a straight line for 1-3 minutes. Rest for 90 seconds and repeat. Start with five repetitions, then progress up to 10.

Calories Burned