Workout Routines

The Secret Service Agent Workout Routine

You might not recognize him, but you've seen Dan Bongino lurking in the background of more pictures than you'd think.


Secret Service Agent

Dan's Workout Split

Day 1 - Legs
Day 2 - OFF 
Day 3 - Back 
Day 4 - OFF 
Day 5 - Full Body 
Day 6 - OFF 
Day 7 - Chest

Dan's Workout Routine







 Jacob’s Ladder*

 Barbell Zercher Squats

 Walking Dumbbell Lunge

 20 minutes



 1600 feet


 200 yards



 Thai Boxing

 Speed Ball


 Band Resisted Inverted Rows

 5 minutes

 5 minutes

 5 minutes

 30 minutes (with rest periods)


 4 rounds

 1 round

 1 round

 To failure



 “Kettles and Quarters”**

 Barbell Deadlifts



 Inverted Knee-ups

 Sprint-swing (x2), Sprint-snatch, Sprint-snatch-press (x2)



 2-4 minutes


 8 rounds






 Tabata Sprint Training***

 Barbell Bench Press



 16 rounds


**"Kettles and Quarters" is a routine Dan learned while part of the Secret Service. Dan does this outdoors on a closed road. Sprint 0.25 mi. and do 20 swings with an 88lb kettlebell. Sprint 0.25 mi. and do 20 swings with a 70lb kettlebell. Sprint 0.25 mi. and do 20 snatches with a 70lb kettlebell. Sprint 0.25 mi. and do 20 double-handed kettlebell snatches into military presses with a 53lb kettlebell then sprint the last 0.25 mi and 20 double-handed kettlebell snatches with a 44lb kettlebell. That is one round. Repeat for 8 rounds.
*** Warm-up. Sprint for 20 seconds then walk for 10 seconds. That is one round. Repeat for 8 consecutive minutes.

Secret Service Physical Fitness Test Requirements (Excellent Score)

It is highly encouraged for Secret Service trainees to not only pass, but to achieve excellent scores on the Physical Fitness Test. The same Physical Fitness Test is administered to Special Agents quarterly. After 3 to 4 years of service, Special Agents can apply to be members of the Counterassault Team (CAT). Members of the CAT team must pass the Special Agent Physical Fitness Test and an additional 10-minute snatch test with a 53-lb. kettlebell.

Age - 20-29
1.5-mi. run - 10.16 seconds or less
Push-ups (in 1 min) - 55
Sit-ups (in 1 min.) - 53
Chin-ups (Maximum) - 9