Workout Routines

Straight-Up Biceps Workout

Attack your arms from every angle with this diverse biceps routine.

Duration 60 min
Exercises 4
Equipment Yes

For a workout that hits the biceps from all angles, we called upon Ryan Sullivan, a competitive bodybuilder and the owner of Sci-Unison Fitness (sci-unisonfitness .com) in North Babylon, NY. His routine employs dumbbells, a barbell, and cables and puts the upper arms in various positions: in front of the torso with preachers, behind it with incline curls, at the sides with barbell curls, and, to finish, the arms elevated and parallel with the floor via high-cable curls. Such variety will help ensure that both heads of the biceps get maximum stimulation to grow bigger and stronger.

Using appreciable resistance helps, too, but only if proper form is upheld. “Using massive amounts of momentum is a great way to train your ego, not your biceps,” Sullivan says.


Exercise 1

Dumbbell Preacher Curl
exercise image placeholder
3 sets
10-12 reps
45-90 sec rest
Perform a warmup set prior to your working sets.

Exercise 2

Incline Dumbbell Biceps Curl You'll need: Bench, Dumbbells How to
Incline Dumbbell Biceps Curl thumbnail
3 sets
10-12 reps
45-90 sec rest
On the last set, do 2 drop sets of 4-5 reps each, using a small increment for each drop.

Exercise 3

Barbell Biceps Curl You'll need: Barbell How to
bicep curl thumbnail
3 sets
10-12 reps
45-90 sec rest

Exercise 4

High-cable Curl You'll need: Cable Machine How to
High Cable Curls thumbnail
2 sets
15-18 reps
45-90 sec rest
On the last set, superset with standing barbell curls for 6-8 reps.