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This routine transformed Alexander Skarsgård from stingy hardgainer to lean machine.

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To get his midsection into Tarzan shape, Lygdback had Skarsgård perform a variety of abdominal flexion and rotational exercises as well as anti-rotation, anti-flexion, and anti-lateral flexion to work his deep core musculature and protect against injury. They would train abs every other day.

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During his mass-gain cycle, Skarsgård would perform two to four conditioning workouts per week, which focused on full-body, functional movements like bear crawls and sprints. “We would do very short sets because we didn’t want to waste much time on things other than building muscle,” explains trainer Magnus Lygdback. “But because it was Tarzan, we did need to work on his movement and explosiveness, too.”

The Tarzan Training Program