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Push your limits for a body you’ll be eager to flaunt.

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What is the #ULTRAFIT Challenge?

Muscle & Fitness and Team Nutrex are teaming up to bring you a four-phase workout designed to assist you in becoming the best, most fit version of yourself. From building up your strength and endurance to packing on lean mass to kissing your body fat goodbye, the #ULTRAFIT Challenge will push you to develop muscles you’ll be eager to flaunt in just a few months.

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PHASE 2: Lean Mass, Part 1

Are you ready to take your body to the next level with #ULTRAFIT trainers Anton & Kessia?

In Phase 2, it’s time to add some lean muscle. The Phase 2 workout consists of an upper and lower body training split. We have added some core exercises twice a week to maintain the midsection you have developed during Phase 1! Supersets and quick recovery times will keep your heart rate up—allowing you to burn major calories while building major muscle.

Don’t forget about your warmup! Effective warmups are vital to any training session to avoid injury. Get the warmup HERE. Get comfortable with warming up as part of the training program, as it will be consistent throughout all four phases.


Phase 2 Weekly Split Follow the Lean Mass, Part 1 weekly split for 4-5 weeks before moving on to Phase 3 of the #ULTRAFIT Challenge.