Workout Routines

Three 15-Minute Muscle-Building Workouts

With your busy lifestyle in mind, we present 3 fast workouts for when you are big on building muscle but short on time.


hang clean

Workout #2: Compound Exercises

Time: 15 Minutes

For this training session you’ll be performing complex moves that involve the combination of several exercises into one. If done correctly, by the time 15 minutes is up you’ll find muscles that you didn’t even know you had. Start with the exercise known as the bear, which uses a barbell and follows this sequence without putting it down: power clean the bar to your shoulders, front squat right into push press. But rather than just dropping the bar to your chest, from the fully extended portion of the push press you’ll lower the bar behind your head onto the back of your shoulders. From this position perform a back squat. Move right into a behind-the-neck press, and finish at the starting position with the bar in front of you at upper chest level. That’s one rep.

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After 2 consecutive reps of the bear, set the bar down and move right into chinups supersetted with pushups. Start with sets of 12 reps each, and increase the number as your training progresses. Together, this bear-chin-pushup combination will constitute one set. Rest 30 seconds after each set and move into the next sequence.

Sets: 5
Reps: 1
Frequency: 2-3 days/week

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