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The final phase of this full-body program cranks up the fat-burning intensity.

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What is the #ULTRAFIT Challenge?

Muscle & Fitness and Team Nutrex are teaming up to bring you a four-phase workout designed to assist you in becoming the best, most fit version of yourself. From building up your strength and endurance to packing on lean mass to kissing your body fat goodbye, the #ULTRAFIT Challenge will push you to develop muscles you’ll be eager to flaunt in just a few months.

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PHASE 4: Cutting

The fourth phase takes your body to a whole new level. By now, you could do the #ULTRAFIT warmup in your sleep. This phase is the most challenging and will test those limits you thought you already had tested in the previous phase. In addition to upper body, lower body and core workouts, each two times a week, you’ll be doing four cardio sessions per week, including high intensity interval training*. HIIT workouts are known to get that heart rate up, leaving the burn for up to 72 hours later. Get ready to be shredded!

*Complete four cardio sessions per week (15 min of HIIT or 30 min steady state).

Tip: Allow at least one day of either full recovery or only steady state cardio


Phase 4 Weekly Split Follow the Cutting weekly split for 4-5 weeks to complete the #ULTRAFIT CHALLENGE.