Workout Routines

Uncommon Exercises to Combat Training Problems

Mix up your workout moves to make your lifts stronger and ensure you don't get injured.


The Problem: Bad Posture

The Fix: The Bretzelle

The Bretzelle, named after its creator, RKC instructor and trainer Brett Jones, combats the sitting posture by working on thoracic spine mobility and hip flexor range of motion.

How to Do It: Lay on your left side. Flex your right hip and bring your top knee toward your chest. Grab and hold your thigh with your left hand. Bend your left knee and bring your foot toward your butt. Grab your left ankle with your right hand. Bring your top knee closer to your chest and move your bottom knee further behind you while bringing your ankle as close to your butt as possible (to stretch your quadriceps). Hold your top leg tightly and keep your top knee close to the ground. Turn your top shoulder toward the floor rotating as much as possible in your upper back while not moving your pelvis.

Hold this pose for 5-seconds. Return to the side lying position and repeat. Perform 8-12 per side for 3-5 sets in every workout (you can’t do this exercise enough!).

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