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3 Instant Fitness Fixes

Here are three things you can do now that will make you feel better instantly.

3 Instant Fitness Fixes

Breathe, Then Breathe Some More

I've done enough research to know that meditation, visualization and breathing exercises are incredibly beneficial for your mental, spiritual and physical health. 

I resist it, because I feel like a tool when I do it, but I know it's good for you. It's hard for me to put everything down and take 10 minutes to just close my eyes and breathe. My mind never settles, down, I'm anxious and fidgety, and always pretty certain I'm doing it all wrong.

But I always feel better after doing it.

I have a bunch of relaxation mp3's stored in my iTunes account. It's easier for me to have someone narrating to me as I do the breathing exercises because, left to my own devices, I'll sit still for 2 minutes, get frustrated and go back to wasting time on Facebook.

It's not difficult to do, it just takes patience. Go HERE and follow these instructions, or click on this link and search through until you find a recording you feel comfortable with.

10 minutes.

That's all it takes.

You'll feel better immediately, trust me.

Jonathan Aluzas is the owner of Arena Fitness, a personal training, semi private training and group exercise facility with locations in Encino and Northridge.


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