Workout Tips

35 Ways to Blast Your Fat Away for Good

Losing your gut doesn’t happen overnight, but these tips can really speed things up.


Man jumping rope


23) Warm up with your jump rope

As a lead-in to your primary workout of the day, there’s nothing better. A 180-lb guy can burn more than 600 calories an hour just jumping rope.

24) Start your day with grapefruit

A study in the Journal of Medicinal Food revealed that grapefruit juice can normalize the level of insulin in your bloodstream by helping to flush excess amounts of the hormone—subjects who had grapefruit juice before their daily meals lost an average of one-third of a pound per week. Too much insulin means too much sugar is being stored as fat. Normalize those levels, and the extra sugar goes to making energy for your body.

25) Shake it up

Need a snack? Reach for a whey protein shake instead of hitting the vending machine. It’ll give you the added protein you need while helping blunt hunger. Whey protein also helps you control blood-sugar levels, resulting in more regular eating patterns and fewer carb binges (caused by your body trying to keep blood sugar stable).

26) Stick with free weights instead of machines

You’ll burn more calories and recruit more muscle fibers doing free-weight exercises like cleans and snatches since you’re involving significantly more muscle groups. Bringing more stabilizer muscles into play when lifting requires more energy and burns more calories.

27) Refresh your playlist

Research shows you train harder (and longer) in response to music you like, so choose your playlist wisely. A recent study in the Journal of Science and Medicine in Sport showed that when elite athletes ran in time to music they chose themselves, they were able to run up to 19% longer than when not listening to music. The same effect applies to lifting weights; the increased respiration and heart rate literally gets your blood pumping faster, moving more oxygen to muscles.

28) Lift explosively

Your fast-twitch muscle fibers are far less efficient in energy usage than the slow-twitch kind, so skip the slow, steady reps and speed up the concentric (positive) portion of your lifts to burn more calories. Go with a weight that is 30% of your one-rep max for each exercise—try three to eight fast reps for your first two sets, then switch to slower reps for the last two sets.

29) Run on empty

Perform your workouts first thing in the morning, on an empty stomach. Your body will use fat as an energy source since your glycogen stores are low when you wake up. A study from Kansas State University showed that you burn the same amount of calories if you are fasting or full, but fasting prior to exercising resulted in burning a greater amount of fat.

30) Eat at home

Learn to cook simple, healthy meals, and limit restaurant visits. Research shows that people unknowingly consume more calories when eating out.

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