Workout Tips

4 Bodyweight Finishers

After the heavy training is over, take your muscles to the brink with these challenging moves and techniques.



No one can deny the effectiveness of heavy bench presses and inclines in building a massive chest. Yet, this push-up routine at the end of a chest workout will have even the most advanced bodybuilders looking to tap out.

Execution: A push-up is a push-up is a push-up…so long as you are maintaining a perfectly rigid spine and taking your chest down to the floor before pressing to full extension. You can modify hand-spacing to alter the muscular emphasis – a narrower hand placement will place a higher demand on your triceps, while a wider grip will force your pecs to do more of the work, although not through as wide a range of motion.

Implementation: A “few sets to failure” simply won’t suffice for this foundational move. To truly finish off your chest, take a 52-card deck and shuffle the cards so that you have no idea what card will come up next. Flip the first card and do however many push-ups the card says. So, for numbered cards, do whatever number of push-ups coordinate with the number on the card. For picture cards (jack, queen, and king) do ten push-ups. And, for the aces do eleven push-ups. Start with half the deck and work your way to a full deck over a month or two. Once you get to a full-deck session, you will have done 380 push-ups. Aim for 15 minutes, resting as little as possible between cards. If you reach failure too soon, drop to your knees and continue repping – this is preferable to long breaks. 

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