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5 Ways to Beat Your College Fitness Woes

Poor gyms and the "freshman 15" won't stand a chance if you follow these tips.


3. Make your training more efficient

College gyms are crowded. Think WWE battle royale crowded, especially during the beginning of the school year. Many pieces of equipment are occupied and floor space is often limited. To better manage the crowds, consider performing your warm-up in your dorm, or if you live a ways away, during your commute with a run/dynamic warm-up.

Try my full body "Fab Five Warm Up".

While at the gym, consider alternating strength exercises with movements that are dedicated to improving flexibility and mobility. Doing so, will keep your heart rate up while you work to prevent or correct musculoskeletal imbalances which can impede progress.

4. Train with purpose

Don't merely go through the motions, instead train with purpose. Set clear-cut, realistic, quantifiable goals which infuse your training with purpose.

"Once you step in the door, focus on your workout with intensity. If you want to see results and progress you need to be serious about your plan," says Chris Policastro, CSCS, director of fitness and recreation and Manhattan College. 

5. Find a training partner

Few things can contribute to your success like a good training partner. During the beginning of the school year, seek out someone who has similar interests and goals as you and ask if you can work with them. Having a training partner provides necessary support, establishes camaraderie, and helps hold people accountable.

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