Workout Tips

6 Movement Patterns to Master

Be a jack of all trades by becoming an expert on these six basic movement patterns.

Workout A

Pattern / Exercise (Choose One) Sets/Reps

Upper-body push: Bench press/Push-up 3/12

Hinge: Deadlift 5/5

Upper-body pull: Pull-up/Lat pulldown 3/12

Squat pattern: Goblet squat 3/12

Loaded carry: 2-Dumbbell Overhead Carry 3/40 meters

Core: Ab wheel rollout 3/15

Perform one light warm-up set for each exercise except for the ab wheel rollouts. Rest only 45-60 seconds between sets for all exercises except the deadlifts, which require a bit more rest. Rest 2-3 minutes between each set for the deadlift.

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