Workout Tips

Activate Your Central Nervous System for Maximum Performance

Igniting your central nervous system could be the key to maximizing your performance in the weightroom.


Putting it in Reverse

For athletes, this idea can also be reversed to benefit them in a high velocity movement like sprinting or jumping. Instead of performing an explosive movement before you perform a heavy lift, you will now execute a high force movement (heavy partial squatting/deadlifting, heavy medball throws, Olympic lifts) before performing a high velocity movement. Heavy quarter squatting to conclude a warmup has been shown to yield increased results in jumping tests. When using this type of PAP, it is especially critical to not fatigue the muscle. This is a method to be used by athletes with high fitness levels.

Practical Application

Before your next bench workout, try performing 3x5 clapping pushups, 3x3 box jumps before your next heavy squatting session and try doing 3x5 kettlebell or dumbbell snatches before you try to pull your next deadlift PR. The increased CNS activation from these activities will have you breaking PRs right away.

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