Workout Tips

Double Your Workout Gains With Two-A-Day Training Sessions

This program pushes your muscles to the limit and speeds growth at a breakneck pace. Can you handle it?


Day 4: Chest & Shoulder Workouts

Chest (Heavy)

1. Decline Dumbbell Press

Sets: 3 Reps: 8

The decline should be slight. Flex your chest at the top of each rep for two seconds.

2. Incline Bench Press

Sets: 4 Reps: 12, 10, 8, 6

Stop each rep one to two inches short of your chest and do not lock out any reps. keep tension on your chest.

3. Reverse Band Bench Press

Sets: 6 Reps: 5

Use two light jump stretch bands. Attach one to the top beam on each side of a power rack, or to the safety rods set at the highest level in the rack. Loop the other end of the bands onto the sleeves of the bar. Perform the bench press, allowing the bands to unload the weight at the bottom of the movement.

Shoulders (light)

1. Machine Rear-Delt Flye

Sets: 4 Reps: 25

Hold the contracted position for one second.

2. Band Pull-Apart

Sets: 3 Reps: 15

Hold a band at arm’s length in front of you. Keeping your elbows straight, pull your arms backward as in a rear-delt flye. You’ll stretch the band two or three times its resting length. Hold the contracted position for a second.

3. SIx-Way Shoulder Raise

Sets: 4 Reps: 10

Sit on a bench holding a light dumbbell in each hand and perform a lateral raise. Move your arms in front of your body so you’re in the top position of a front raise. Now raise the weights straight overhead. Lower the weights back to the front raise, move them out to your sides (the top of the lateral raise again), and then lower. That’s one rep.

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