Workout Tips

Explosive Movements to Power Up Your Program

Utilize these three powerful movements for more gains in size and strength.



Box Jump

Sets: 3 Reps: 5

Stand close to a box of appropriate height. Knee level or below is usually desired for novices trainees. Bend slightly at the knee as if to jump as high as possible. Quickly reverse the action and explode off the ground and onto the box driving your hands up as well for momentum. Land with your feet fully on the box and decelerate your landing by bending at the knees and absorbing the force. Step back down and repeat.

Clapping Push-up

Sets: 3 Reps: 5

Choose the appropriate starting point to maintain proper form—either on your knees in a modified position or toes for a full push-up. With your hands slightly outside shoulder width apart, slowly lower yourself to within two inches of the ground and explosively press into the floor to propel your hands off the ground. Decelerate your landing by bending at the elbows. Slowly lower yourself and repeat. 

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