Workout Tips

Flip Your Grip for New Gains

Getting underhanded can put your muscle gains over the top.


Put the Reverse Grip to Work for You

Now comes the fun part: trying out the reverse grip method for yourself. Of course, you shouldn’t go underhand for everything - just taking one of your exercises in a particular bodypart workout and changing the grip will suffice in torturing your muscles in a whole new fashion. Try some of these for starters:


Lat Pulldown

Latissimus dorsi and teres major arms into a full stretch Allow the bar to take your

Rowing (T-Bar, Seated Cable, Bent-Over Barbell Row, etc.

Latissimus dorsi, middle/lower trapezius, rhomboids (major and minor) and teres major As in all rowing moves, be sure to flex your shoulder blades together at the top

Triceps Pressdown (double/single arm)

3 heads of triceps brachii (especially the medial head) and anconeous Keep your elbows back and let your forearms come toward your thighs

Overhead Dumbbell Press

3 heads of the deltoid (especially the anterior head), upper trapezius and triceps brachii   Keep the dumbbells close together with palms facing you throughout the exercise

Barbell Press

Pectoralis major/minor (especially the lower pec region), anterior deltoid, serratus anterior and triceps brachii Let the bar come down. Bench only as far as your wrists allow