Workout Tips

Get Weigh-In Shredded

Train like a boxer to burn through stubborn bodyfat and reveal your best physique ever.


Round 6: Kettlebell Figure 8 to a Hold

To get this right, start with kettlebell in your left hand, pass it through your legs to your right hand and pop your hips through to a full standing position, catching the bell in the rack position at chest level with your left hand (your right hand is still on the handle). From there, repeat the process the opposite way, passing the bell through your legs with your right hand. Be sure to full extend at the hips at the top of each rep. “This is a great move to develop the uppercut,” says Foreman.

Round 7: Windmill with Dumbbells in Both Hands

Start in a standing position holding a kettlebell in each hand. With one arm extended overhead, drift your glutes back in the direction of the overhead bell and reach down to floor with opposite hand, while keeping your eyes on the kettlebell above you. Use your obliques, hips and hamstrings to slowly extend back to the original position. For a slightly easier version, lower the weight, or only use a kettlebell in the overhead position.

Round 8: Iron Cross with Squat

Start in good squat position with a light pair of dumbbells extended out straight, arms parallel to the floor. Squat to 90 degrees while keeping your arms straight and moving the dumbbells out to your sides. Squat out of that position as you bring the dumbbells back to their start position at full extension in front of you. “For fighters, this fights shoulder fatigue so you can keep hands up,” Foreman says. It also develops serious shoulder definition.

Round 9: T-Pushups

Perform a push-up and, as you come back to full extension, rotate your torso to lift one arm above you to make a “T” shape. On your next push-up, switch sides. “This is great for core Stabilization and your lats – the muscles that punches are supposed to come from,” Foreman says.

Round 10: Med Ball Slams

“You do this in place of chopping wood,” Foreman says. “And that’s my real favorite exercise.” Grab a heavy med ball, hoist it overhead and slam it to the floor. Explode up out of that squat and repeat for reps.

George Foreman III is the second son of former world heavyweight champ George Foreman Sr. George III graduate from Rice University with a degree in Kinesiology and served as business manager for his father for seven years. While managing his father’s business, he began learning to box with George Sr. as his trainer and launched a successful professional boxing career achieving a record of 16-0 with 15 knockouts. In 2012, George III launched his own luxury fitness concept call The Club by George Foreman III which is a culmination of his life’s work in fitness, business and boxing, and he plans to open 300 more over the next six years. 

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