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Hitting the Wall When Training: The Holy Sh** Moment

If you've ever trained really hard, you know exactly what it is

Man Resting In The Gym
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You have to go beyond where you have gone before. You have to venture beyond comfort into discomfort. This isn't a matter of opinion, this is human physiology. Google it if you don't believe me. And here's another thing about overload; if you want continual progression, you have to keep going beyond your current level of conditioning in order to maintain a steady upward trajectory. The person who aspires to perpetual improvement has to accept the reality of constant discomfort.

That's why so few people are in really good shape! Because who in their right mind wants to embrace the concept of never-ending discomfort? Human nature is programmed to avoid discomfort, to seek the path of least resistance, yet progress in your training demands that you go against millions of years of genetic instinct and actually seek out discomfort. It's counterintuitive. But it's imperative if you want to improve in your sport, advance your athletic skill and conditioning, even if you want to just "get into shape."

We've been fed such a steady diet of nonsense when it comes to health and fitness that, culturally, we've been indoctrinated with the notion that being healthy doesn't require discomfort. Infomercials sell useless equipment designed to make you "lean and ripped in 7 minutes a day, three days a week!" Ridiculous diets are hailed and then discredited over and over and over. Our underfunded schools teach less and less health every year and our wonderful government agencies approve more and more drugs every year, and every year we get more and more sick.

And yet, let's be real:

We know the guy with the cover-model physique on the infomercial didn't get that body from that piece of crap exercise machine he's hawking. We know it's ridiculous to give up fruit and pasta and live on pork rinds and bacon-wrapped steak because some doctor told you that carbs kill. We know it's crap when we order pills that promise to make us lose that annoying belly fat without dieting or exercise.

But we buy into the nonsense anyway, because deep down we don't want to have to work hard to look good and be healthy, we want it to be easy. Well, guess what; it ain't easy. If it was, everyone would be a supermodel and we'd be the fittest nation in the world. Instead, we're getting fatter and fatter, sicker and sicker, more and more disabled.

Look, if you're unsatisfied with your health and/or appearance, but are unwilling to enter into the realm of discomfort, get used to this:


Nothing. No change. No satisfaction. No progression. No pride of accomplishment. No improvement of quality of life. No change in jeans' size. No reduction of disease. No lessening of doctor's visits or drugs. No hope. No self-worth. No. No. No.

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