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Hitting the Wall When Training: The Holy Sh** Moment

If you've ever trained really hard, you know exactly what it is

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Nobody gives you a paycheck for free.

Nobody handed you your college degree for nothing.

No child was raised without effort.

Nothing of value in this world was ever given to you freely or easily, so why do you persist with the notion that the improvement of your health will come with no cost?

There's the fantasy and there's the reality. The fantasy is that we can develop a traffic-stopping physique and 120/80 blood pressure in "just 7 minutes a day, three days a week!" The reality is that we can't. The reality is that health and fitness come with a cost. The cost is effort, the cost is commitment, the cost is discomfort.

The cost is the Holy Sh** Moment.

You have to be willing to seek out discomfort, to live in the discomfort, to recognize that, in every aspect of life, opportunity exists in the discomfort. You have to learn to worship at the alter of the Holy Sh** Moment.

If you challenge yourself, if you persist, if you are willing to go beyond what's reasonable and comfortable, and if you venture into the unknown, you will finally break through the mediocrity and broken-soul-moments that are the offspring of small effort. You will have the sweaty, red-faced pride of someone who has ventured beyond their abilities and, like the ancient mariners afraid of falling off the edge of the world, survived to find new frontiers of possibility.

And you can start today.

Jonathan Aluzas is the owner of Arena Fitness; personal training, semi private training and group fitness training facilities in Encino and Northridge, Ca.

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