Workout Tips

Increase the Intensity With a Weight Vest

Accelerate your workout results by putting on weight – a weight vest that is.

Speed and Quickness

When exercising with a weight vest, the body’s muscle memory is triggered to adapt to the added weight. Both body and mind believe extra weight has been gained when, in fact, it has not. The result is muscle memory that will react with the extra weight in mind. This fitness phenomenon produces significant gains in speed and quickness that would not be obtained without the extra baggage applied.

Muscle and Bone Density

Similar to how the body adjusts to extra weight by getting stronger and faster, muscles and bones become denser to support the supposed heavier musculoskeletal caused by wearing the vest. First, muscles strengthen and grow and then bones become denser and stronger to handle the extra weight. It’s a fact; weight-bearing exercises improve muscle and bone density.