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Lift Doctor: Deadlift Techniques and Muscle Recovery

The Doc's workout prescription for improving training performance and results.


“What is the minimum amount of rest my muscles need in order to fully recover?  – Dennis Zuccolotto

It really depends on a few really important factors.

What was the intensity of the workout?

Intensity is the key to everything.  If you go into the workout and just get through the sets and reps you have written down for the workout, then the session probably wasn’t that intense.  But if you went in and pushed the pace with the rest periods and lifted the heaviest weight possible for each set - where you couldn’t get even one more rep on that last set - then you could probably say the workout was really intense.  The more intense the session was, the longer recovery you’ll need before your next workout.

What exercises did you use?

Compound exercises not only target more muscle groups and develops serious muscle mass, they are take a toll on the body. Hitting squats, deadlifts, bench presses, pull-ups, and power cleans are more taxing on the body to recover from then tricep kick backs, leg extensions and side laterals. 

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