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The Lift Doctor: Mass Gain & Compound Exercises

Our Lift Doctor tells you everything you need to start an effective mass-building routine.

The Lift Doctor: Mass Gain & Compound Exercises

Question 2: “If you have limited time for workouts, what would be the four or five compound exercises you'd pick for overall maximum results?” -Trevis Robinson

You can’t go wrong with these proven standards:

Upper Body: Bench press (all variations), pull-ups or chin-ups, dips, inverted rows, push-ups (all variations), military press (all variations), bent over rows.
Lower Body: Squats (all variations), Deadlifts (all variations), lunges, heavy sled work, leg press, power cleans.

Train them with a high intensity and focus on form. And don’t forget about the recovery between training sessions. If you are really crushing the compound exercises, it will take a toll on your body; especially if you’re hitting 4-5 sessions a week. Foam rolling, proper hydration and lots of dynamic mobility exercises in your warm-up and post-workout routines are critical to being ready for the next workout.

Meet the Lift Doctor

Jim Smith is a highly respected, world-renowned strength and conditioning coach. A member of the Fitness Advisory Board, Jim has been called one of the most "innovative strength coaches" in the fitness industry. Training athletes, fitness enthusiasts and weekend warriors, Jim has dedicated himself to helping them reach "beyond their potential". He is also the owner of Diesel Strength & Conditioning in Elmira, NY.

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