Workout Tips

The Lift Doctor: Morning Training and Leg Workouts

The Doc's workout prescription for getting in an early workout, and going easy on the knees during a leg routine.

drink water


Hit a very thorough warm-up with lots of full-body movements. Target your lower body, upper body, and entire body, and just get moving. You should have a good sweat going before you even think of getting under any weights. Transition the warm-up into light workouts for your first exercise. Studies have shown that you’re more susceptible to back / spine injuries in the morning, so use your initial worksets to test the waters as you progress. The warm-up shouldn’t last more than 10-15 minutes.

Once you get into the workout, stick to big movements – see my previous Lift Doctor here on the most effective compound exercises. Use a variety of rep ranges during the workout as well. A 5x5 (set x rep) scheme for the heavier, main exercises with a higher volume for the supplemental exercises of 4-5 sets x 10-15 reps, will stimulate more muscle growth and get you stronger.

Sample Morning Workout


1) Bench Press, 5x5, 60 sec rest

2A)  Push-ups, 4x 5, no rest

2B)  Pull-ups, 4x8-10, 90 sec. rest

3A)  Alternating DB Curls, 3-4 x 8-10, no rest

3B)  Cable Tricep Extensions, 3-4 x 25-30, 60 sec rest

Finally, the quality of sleep and the amount of sleep you get the night before the workout will also be a contributing factor for how hard you can train the next morning. Get to bed early and rest up!