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Lift Doctor: Squat Mobility and Shoulder Training

The Doc's workout prescription for improving training performance and results.


I’m having trouble getting my deltoids to respond to shoulder training. What can I do to get them to grow?” - Hope Hollinshead

Nothing beats the basics. 

Heavy strength training with compound movements like military press and shrugs (and all of their variations) are the key to adding mass; as long as you have your nutrition and recovery dialed in. You’ll want to make these movements - and their variations - the center of your program for your upper body workouts.

But remember, the shoulder has the greatest movement of any joint in the body. Knowing this, you’ll want to attack it at every angle and use every implement. 

Hit your military presses with barbells and dumbbells. Dumbbell military press variations include a neutral grip (palms facing), underhand grip, Arnold presses, and the conventional 90/90 position. There are also many different barbells you can use if you have any shoulder issues. A Swiss bar or ‘football bar’ where the hand holds are parallel to each other, offer an easier alternative for beat up shoulders.

As you move into the higher volume, supplemental work, cycle in various side lateral, front raise, and posterior flye variations.  With your accessory exercises, you can really get intense with some higher volume protocols.  Instead of thinking straight sets x reps, try time-based and reps-based sets.

Time-Based Sets

Pick a length of time and perform an exercise until the time is complete. For example, hit a 45-second set of side laterals, trying to get as many reps with good form as you can get inside the time interval.

Reps-Based Sets

Pick a total number of reps you want to hit for a particular exercise, then perform as few sets as needed to get to that number – resting as short as possible. For example, hitting 100 reps for front raises might take you 4-5 sets.

The great thing about reps-based and time-based sets is that they’re simple and easy to incorporate. No need to think about sets x reps, just pick an exercise and get to work.

To make sure you are able to train safe and lift as intense as possible, try out these 2 critical shoulder savers.


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