Workout Tips

Maximize Your Gym Time

Maximize your intensity at the gym to get a hardcore workout on a time crunch.

6 Bodybuilding Tips for Getting Jacked

Supplement Your Results

Most people think that using a supplement makes them "not natural." Well, the movements from weightlifting aren't natural either, but they are still beneficial. What we need to understand is that we are all different, hence, different needs. Some people might have a hard time recuperating after tough workouts. Some people need a kick in the butt before they workout.

Using supplements can help you get to your destination faster. If you’re a goal-setter, instead of taking four months to reach it, you might be able to scratch off a month. All goals aside, if you get the basics, you’ll make your life and training easier. Some high quality fish oil and a good multivitamin will do the job. We all are genetically different, requiring different needs, and lacking different nutrients. 

Gym Time Management Strategies

Different goals mean different workouts. First, let’s make a few rules that are not weightroom related. This post is about saving time, so we all know what little habit can save time, especially at the gym. One of them is your cell phone. Leave it in your locker. Second, if you train with a buddy, keep conversations short. No more than the length of your rest. Next thing you know, it will turn into a competition on who gets the most results.

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