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The Perks of Rest-Pause Training

Get stronger and leaner in less time with this proven training technique.

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Rest-Pause Chest Workout

New to rest-pause? Try this chest routine to start building more strength and burning more calories.

Exercise                                           Load               Sets   Reps/Rest (seconds)

Incline Bench Press                        5RM                 4          2/15-20, 2/15-20, 2/15-20, 2

Smith-Machine Bench Press        7RM                  4          3/15-20, 3/15-20, 3/15-20, 3

Cable Crossover                             --                       3          15

Push-Up                                            --                      3          To Failure

The key is to go as heavy as you can without going to failure. The best way to do this is to determine your RM as listed, then stop just short of failure in order to maintain high power output throughout multiple segments. For the first move, using your 5RM, you’ll perform two reps at a time, resting 15-20 seconds between work segments until all segments are completed. The same rationale applies to the remainder of the exercises listed. You’ll rest 1-2 minutes between each rest-pause set.

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