Workout Tips

Pyramid Reprogramming

Bust through your training plateau by putting your pyramids in reverse.

Pyramid Reprogramming

Reverse Pyramid:

Set 1: 95 x 3

Set 2: 135 x 3

Set 3: 185 x 3

Set 4: 235 x 2

Set 5: 285 x 4*

Set 6: 265 x 6*

Set 7: 245 x 8*

*Indicates maximum effort “work-sets.”

As you can see, with the reverse pyramid you jump to your heaviest work set immediately after your warm-ups are completed. Since you will not have drained your strength with several sets of high reps you should not only be able to max out at a higher poundage but even perform more reps with the increased weight. While your second and third work sets will be somewhat lighter, they will more than likely still be heavier and for more reps than what they would using a traditional pyramid scheme. Heavier weight + more reps = MORE GROWTH!

Note: Once you begin your second exercise for the same body part you should only need 1-2 preparatory warm-up sets before once again attacking your first max-effort set.

Personally, this is how I prefer to train at every workout, and since I started to do so (many years ago), my muscle growth has never really “hit a wall.” So, if you have been stuck in a rut with your own training, and cannot seem to push from XL to XXL, give the reverse pyramid a try. It could just be the plateau buster you’ve been looking for!