today I finished the first of my 2 day photo shoot for flex magazine. Kevin Horton arrived here in Phoenix last night and after a great dinner that my wife prepared for him and his wife we all sat together an watched the UFC fights on my 145"screen. Then this morning it was off to the gym where I trained Chest and Biceps and Kevin took pictues as it happend. Kevin knows me since 2000 and he told me that this is the best, biggest and hardest he has ever seen me this close to a show kind of like my 2 weeks out pics in the past. I'm depleting since Friday and I will probably stay on low carbs til Wednesday before I put higher carbs back in my system. I feel and look like I'm at my best and I'm sure it can only get better come Friday night prejudging. We will shoot again tomorrow and then I will get everything ready to drive to Vegas early Wednesday morning Stay tuned for more updates from now all the way up to Saturday night. Peace DJ