It’s been a tough week filled with tons of emotion.  One day I’m up, one day I’m down.  I can’t seem to help being upset with the decision at the FLEX, not because I think the judges did anything wrong but only because I really thought I had done enough to pull it out.

I have to say before I go any farther; the support I have received from hundreds of fans has been incredible.  I never realized how many people I have supporting me and it makes getting ready for the ASC even more challenging to find out areas I can perfect things further.  I’m not saying I’m going to walk into the ASC and win, I’m aiming for a top six finish, that would be a victory for me at this stage in my career.  Regardless of placing, what I’m trying to say is all of the fan support just makes me want to work harder.

This past week has been a challenge to find ways to perfect things from the FLEX.  I have increased my ab work, increased my tanning, increased my rest and sleep time and also worked on my posing some more.

There is nothing more I can think of that I can fix in this short a time.  I have some ideas for the offseason of things I need to work on but for now its just a little polish here and a little polish there.

The nice thing leading into Columbus is I won’t have to fly.  It’s about a three-hour drive for me from Windsor and I can pack all my own food instead of having to shop and cook there.  Having the things you eat on a regular basis is always nice, not to mention having it all prepared will also make things easier.

I think both me and Chad realized I was a little flatter than I would like to be at the FLEX so we’re going to load a little heavier this time but still focus mainly on condition.  There’s no point in being the biggest guy if you can’t see the hard work and definition in the muscle.

Another great addition to my team or I’m the addition to there team really, is SCITEC.  This past week SCITEC NUTRITION signed me to a new contract and so far working with them has been incredible.  We’ve been doing a lot of shooting so there could be some great new photos for you all to see soon.  Jason Mathas shot them and he is one of the easiest and fastest photographers I have shot with.  Its always nice when a photog gets that your tired and he works with you to get things done fast but still in a good way.

I’ve worked hard in my career to get to where I am.  Sure I’m not Phil Heath, I didn’t just jump into the IFBB and start blowing people away but it’s working for me.  With Weider and now Scitec behind me I really think 2012 can be a great year for me to maximize my size! 

It’s nice when you can look back at your career, be it bodybuilding or anything else and be proud. You think to yourself even though you’ve had some rough moments your able to hold your head high, knowing your still moving in the right direction.  Sometimes we want it all, and we want it to happen now.  Unfortunately that isn’t always the way it works and I’ve come to grips with that.  In saying that though, it doesn’t mean that you just walk away from something because you’re not great at it right away.  If you love what you’re doing, sometimes you have to live at the bottom and scratch your way to the top.  Inch by inch you will get there if you keep working and keep applying everything you got.  And if you don’t, who cares, you’re doing what you love and that’s all that matters….


Sacrifice Without Regret,

Fouad ‘Hoss’ Abiad