Just last week the former UFC bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey was candid on the Ellen DeGeneres show about her loss to Holm at UFC 193, saying she had suicidal thoughts after the defeat. Now Rousey is saying she still thinks of herself as undefeated even with the loss to Holm from a head kick. Holm’s response was nothing more than gracious.

In the press conference Holm shares, “I feel like that’s ok with me. Maybe that’s something that’s coming out of a mouth that doesn’t really want to fully take in everything.”

Either way, a loss can be difficult, Holly shares that when she’s experiences a loss she asks herself, “Why did I lose?… and for me I needed to be honest with myself in order to get better.” Holm also addressed the fact that when this is your career, “you have a little bit of ego. Trust me it’s a hard one to take when you have a loss.”

Overall, Holm couldn’t be more understanding. Check out the video below from MMAWeekly.com.