Floyd Mayweather Jr. Allegedly Hits $100K Jackpot at Casino Following His Massive May-Mac Payday

"Money" Maywether is having an extremely strong couple of weeks, according to a clip from his Instagram story.

Floyd Mayweather
Mike Lawrie / Getty

Floyd Mayweather Jr. allegedly just hit a $100,000 jackpot while at a casino weeks after becoming boxing’s first $1 billion fighter, according to  

Take a look below to see the spoils of an extremely talented and lucky individual. 

It’s been less than two weeks since his star-studded battle with Conor McGregor, and here he is yet again reminding us why his nickname is "Money".

Immediately following the $180 million dance, Mayweather was seen flossing his nine-figure check that he earned in a bout that lasted 10 rounds.

In the post-fight interview, Mayweather did mention that, to add to his fight earnings, he had a friend place a rather small sum of money on him ($87,000), according to

Say what you want about his fighting style or his braggadocio, but it’s undeniable this guys knows how to make coin.