Tiffany Stratton is becoming one of those pro wrestlers that, if she can stay injury free with her head in the game, is tipped for the top—or the “Tiffy Top”—as the 24-year-old with the world at her feet would say.

Recently, I sat down with the trailblazer to find out how she is training right now and whether or not a background in gymnastics has helped her in the squared circle. We soon found out that the fashionista also has a very good reason for wanting to own a custom pink briefcase.

“I’ve recently been getting back into CrossFit,” says Stratton, who recently grabbed the attention of M&F with her epic “Tiffy Training” sessions. “I’ve been doing a lot of different movements, and it’s kinda been working!”

Of course, building a powerful and muscular physique like Stratton’s takes years of dedication to resistance training. When other females tell her that they won’t lift weights through fear of getting too big, the former gymnast knows better.

“I don’t think people realize how hard you actually have to train to be bulky, as a woman,” explains the buff beauty. Of course, Stratton appears to be the total package when it comes to having what it takes to become a super-successful WWE superstar, but just how much does a background in gymnastics help or hinder picking up moves between the ropes? “Gymnastics, I feel like, teaches you coordination,” says the former NXT Women’s Champion who competed in the USA Gymnastics Championships under her real name, Jessica Woynilko.  “It gives you body control, and in wrestling you need all of that. You need ring awareness… I just think gymnastics really gave me such a good base for wrestling.”

WWE wrestler Tiffany Stratton

Tiffany Stratton is Finding Her Feet in WWE by Having Fun

Physicality is one thing, but traveling and grappling in packed stadiums all around the globe is the kind of mental challenge that most would shy away from. Fortunately, Stratton has her head screwed on and illustrated her undeniable focus when she entered wrestling’s brutal Elimination Chamber in Perth Australia, wowing fans in one of the most important matches of her career to date.

Rather than use her status as a rookie to fade into the background, Stratton took the bull by the horns that night. “I really just told myself, let’s just have fun,” the star shares with M&F. “And that’s exactly what I did.”

Indeed, Stratton was hailed for a performance that saw her flying around the cage and leveling her foes. But, while she didn’t take the victory on that occasion, the girl from Prior Lake, MN, certainly won the Aussie’s hearts. Now, her sights are firmly set on the future. Stratton wasn’t included on the WrestleMania card this year, but hopes to take matters into her own hands and earn a championship shot by winning the coveted Money in the Bank briefcase later this year. Inside the briefcase, of course, is an anytime, anyplace contract to take on a title holder.

“I would love to get in the ring with Miss Bianca Belair,” says Stratton, looking forward to future competition. “But I also have my eyes set on Money in the Bank… with a pink briefcase!” As for when Stratton would cash in her custom case, she remains tight lipped on a timeline for making her golden challenge. “I can’ tell you my Strategy,” she rightly explains.

Tiffany Stratton is currently wrestling on WWE’s SmackDown brand.

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